Optimize your business with true technology

Pointup bring people together. Equip with right technologies. Empower everyone to reach higher goals.

Experts in software development, software architecture and DevOps engineering.
Leverage cloud computing, cloud-native and container technology.

Container / Kubernetes

  • Infrastructure-independent
  • Unify dev., staging, prod. environments
  • Ease software delivery
  • Rolling upgrade and rollback
  • Encourage infrastructure as code
  • Encourage microservice architecture
  • Cost-efficient


  • Let Dev. and Ops. truely works together
  • Safe and fast delivery and operation
  • Reduce human error
  • Root cause analysis
  • Faster recovery from failure
  • Robust and confident in software development

Pointup Technology

We are a tech-first company formed by a team of best developers — Passionated in finding and solving problems. We pursue a balance in the best quality and productivity. We are always learning and improving, and well prepared to grow with you.

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